Friday, 5 August 2011

Me, myself and I…..

This is my very first post and I am a bit nervous.
I always read other peoples blogs and found it very interesting, so I decided to start my own. I don’t have a specific topic so will see where it takes me. I kept a diary all my life and it helped me a lot especially when I was in high school, when there was no one to talk to or in situation when I really wanted to be left alone. I am not sure what is it about putting words on paper, but it always feels so good to share feelings and thoughts.

A bit about me:
 I am a 25 year old female. I was born in Russia, raised in Israel and now I am located in Toronto, Canada. I live on my own in a one bedroom apartment. I work in a software company as a Tech Support representative.
I enjoy cooking a lot but I am def far away from being a chef J.
I enjoy putting different ingredients together and discovering what mess will come out of it hahaha
I love animals and babies even though I don’t have any of my own yet. I do have a dog, his name is Charlie and he is a Jack Russell who is full of energy.
 I got him as a preset for my 17th birthday by my boyfriend at the time…He is a sweet heart (Charlie I mean ;)  On my free time I go to the gym, spend time with friends and family, read, cook and watch movies. I enjoy camping and traveling even though I don’t have much time for it, most of my free time I spend with my bf of 4 years (Gio).  

On this blog I will share my thoughts/concerns regarding different topics, maybe talk about myself and what’s going on in my life and def share my recipes and home made face and hair masks. I guess a bit of everything: P

I am really excited to start this journey and see where it goes.
New to blogging, so have pity and be patient with me. I hope you come back and visit often. Thank you!

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