Friday, 12 August 2011

Delicious Beef & Sexi Intern…

Yesterday I had one of the most embarrassing situations I ever had to go through as a young woman.
I had an appointment with my Gynecologist who is literally like 100 years oldJ. I love him a lot because out of all the other doctors I’ve ever been to he is the only one who makes me feel somewhat comfortable. All of us ladies know how important it is to feel comfortable with our gyno…forget the fact that we already have to go through all those check ups which are absolutely necessary but we also have to deal with a strange man checking out our most private body parts.
So I got to the office and was called into the room. I took my bottoms off (as usual) and sat on the table covering myself with a sheet that the nurse usually gives me….my heart is racing bc I always get nervous. To my surprise a young guy walks into the room and sits down on the chair in front of me. I am in shock because I have no clue who this guy is, I am wearing no pants and he is absolutely gorgeous ;)
He started asking me questions about my period and my sex life. I can only imagine what my face looked like at the time hahaha. I tried to calm myself down and convince myself that as soon as the doctor comes in, the intern will leave….NOT!!! The doctor was doing my check up, while the gorgeous inter had free tickets to see me in the most sexual position ever…WTF??? I was lying there all embarrassed… I mean, its been 4 years since any man (besides my gyno and Gio) saw me in a position like that. After the check up was finished I came up to him and told him that he needs to take my phone # bc he owed me:D He thought I was serious hahaha the look on his face was priceless. It def made my day.

My doctor is located downtown Toronto and its literally suicidal to drive there in the morning and you would be lucky to find a 20 dollar parking, that is why I always take the subway to save myself the headache of traffic. I got on the subway train and started reading my Stephen King – Under the Dome (I will do a review on it when I am done).
One random man that was standing behind me, apparently was reading the book with me, so when I turned the page, he flipped out on me bc he wasn’t done reading it yet : /
I was in shock and he continued yelling at me to put it back to that page bc he had to get off soon…Excuse me???? Buy your own book you dick!!! All the people on the train were giving me dirty looks...not the nicest ride ever! The more I use public transit, the more I hate the people riding it…No shame.

Anyways, I wanted to share another recipe with you. I served it with rice noodles and it was delish!!!
Have a great day.

Love E


Beef Salpicao (Stir-fried Garlic Beef)

        <p>I found this Filipino recipe online one day when I was searching for recipes with beef tenderloin. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare. You can marinade the meat in the morning and cook it right after you get home from work.</p>    

        See Beef Salpicao (Stir-fried Garlic Beef) on Key Ingredient.    


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