Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Zantrex 3 - Quick Update 5

Starting Weight: 171.0 lbs
Exercise: I work out 1-2 times/week

Current weight: 165.2 lbs
Days taken: 4 days
Goal: 15 lbs in 3 months - 5.8 down

Side effects:
The nausea is fading. I do occasionally have a hot flashes and shakes.
Cigarettes still make me sick.

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Love E

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Mask for Black Heads

Hello gals,

I always strugled with black heads and tried everything out there to take care of those visible black dots on my face. I used to squeeze these out but the more you do that, the more they come back.
Here is a little mask that helps me to get rid of the black heads without squeezing my face.

You will need:
- Toilet paper (tissue paper, toilet paper or paper towels)
- 1 egg (if you have access to an organic egg, use it instead of a regular egg)

Preparation and instructions for the mask:
1. Carefully separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat egg white lightly. Cut the toilet paper into small pieces.
2. Apply the beaten egg white on the face or on areas with blackheads (clogged pores, black dots).

3. Cover with a layer of the toilet paper.
4.Cover the entire face, ensuring that the toilet paper is smooth on the skin. Do not put the paper on the eyebrows, this can pull out the roots.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for another layer.
6. Wait 15-20 minutes, until the egg white is completely dry. (Try at this time not to talk or move your facial muscles.)
7. Carefully remove the dry paper mask from the face. If the procedure seems to be too painful and you fear for the safety of your skin, the tissues can be slightly moistened with warm water. (the dry mask is going to take out all those black heads from your chin, nose, forehead etc.)
8. Wash the remains of the mask with cool water.
9. Beat egg yolk lightly and apply on the face. Wait 20 minutes until the yolk is not fully dry.Take a little bit of face mosturizer and apply all over the dry yolk massaging the face.
10. Wash the face with a warm water and apply a toner. If necessary, apply a moisturizer and of course leave a comment on the results.

I hope this works for you.
I do this maks once or twice a month. If you have a dry skin, make sure to always mosturize after this mask and try not to use and harsh scrubs on your skin.

Love E

Zantrex 3 - Update 4

Hey guys,

I am sorry for disappearing for awhile. I got sick and could not take any Zantrex 3 for 3 weeks.
I started taking it again yesterday.

Starting Weight: 171.0 lbs (I was taking some strong medication and gained all the weight I lost and more )

Exercise: I work out 1-2 times/week
Current weight: 166.6 lbs
Days taken: 2 days
Goal: 15 lbs in 3 months - 4.4 down

I changed the way I take the pill.
I used to take up to 6 pills a day. I took 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal.
I started taking 2 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and 2 pills 30 minutes before the BIGGEST meal of the day. So far I lost 4.4 pounds in one day.

Side effects:
Comparing to the previous time, when I didn’t have any side effects, I experienced some this time.
First of all I am feeling nauseated ALL THE TIME. Not to the point of getting sick, but a constant feeling of nausea. I experienced very strong hot flashes. My body felt like it was on fire in some areas (mostly my lower back, butt and legs). Also, I took the pill at 4pm before family dinner and could not fall asleep till almost 5am. I was tossing and turning all night and finally fell asleep 2 hours before I had to get up. Surprisingly, I did not feel tired when I woke up.

I gave up on my daily coffee dosage completely because the pill already contains a lot of caffeine in it. As I mentioned before, I a smoker so the pill makes me even sicker when I smoke, so I had to cut down on my cigarettes as well.

Its too bad that I could not continue taking the pill due to getting sick and I did not reach 15 pounds loss goal as I expected. I will continue taking the pill on the daily basis and keep you posted. If you are taking the pill please share your experience with it. If you want to start taking the pill and have questions please feel free to post underneath this post.

P.s. I read some reviews when people got off the pill and experienced very strong headaches and tiredness. I have to say that when I had to get off the pill, I did not experience any symptoms of the pill wearing off.

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Love E