Thursday, 11 August 2011

Jobless men…WTF?

One of my really close friends is dating a guy who sits on his ass all day and does absolutely NOTHING….literally sits on the couch and scratching his balls while she works 2 jobs…
I mean I love her to death, but c’mon girl, send his lazy ass to work! I would!
What woman wants a couch potato as a BF? A man should be a man.
I can understand when a man loses his job and still looking for one….I can understand when a man stays at home and does house work. I mean, there are stay at home moms who do not work, but they are doing so much work at home….so can a man.
There was a research done a couple of years ago and it was determined that if stay at home moms with two children would get paid for the things they do at home (being a maid, cook, educator, babysitter, cleaner, accountant, etc.) she would make around $ 230,000 yearly salary…..How crazy is that?
Some men are upset that their wives are not working but they do not realize how much money they are saving on all the things she is already doing in the house.
Its not easy being a mommy and a wife and work full time and yet men still complain about how tired they are…
Excuse me???? Fuck that! How about you take care of the kids, do laundry, cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, go to work, pay the bills, clean the house and then we will see how TIRED you are going to be.
Why men just can’t admit that women are stronger than them emotionally (even though we cry a lot sometimes)….They are just cry babies!
Deal with it assholes!!!!!

There is a little joke my friend sent to me that I found hilarious.

One day a man prayed to GOD and asked him:
“God, please switch me and my wife places for a couple of days. I want her to see how hard I work while she is home doing absolutely nothing”
The next morning he woke up and sent his wife off to work and started the day.
He woke up the kids, made sure they brushed their teeth, fed them breakfast, packed their lunch, drove them to school, went to a doctor with the little one, went grocery shopping, picked up the dry cleaning, paid the bills at the bank, picked up the kids, fed them dinner, made sure they did their home work, did some laundry, wash them, put them to bed, cleaned the house….finally took a shower when his wife wanted to make love. After love making he fell asleep.
In the morning he asked GOD for forgiveness:
“Dear GOD, I understand that I was wrong about my wife. Please change everything back to the way it was. I want everything to be normal again!!!”
“Can’t!” said GOD “Last night you got pregnant….you have to stay this way for another 9 months!!!!” :D

Ok enough trashing men for today (even though they deserve it!)
I wanted to share another recipe with you today.
Gio’s fav dish of all times is the Shepherd’s Pie. He used to ask me to make it all the time.

Love, E


Shepherd's Pie

        <p>You&#8217;ll hook them for sure with this steaming sheperd&#8217;s pie!</p>    

        See Shepherd's Pie on Key Ingredient.    



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