Monday, 12 September 2011

Marcus Levin's Unusual Art

What can be done with a hammer and hundred thousands of nails? You could hang thousands of shelves, hang thousands of pictures, create thousands of chests and hundreds of dressers. But Marcus Levin (a British Artist) has something else in mind. He creates masterpieces using ordinary nails and a hammer.

First, Levin used nails to create abstract sculptures. But realized that the sharpness of the nails and the soft features of the human bodies will be incredibly rough to the eye.

One of his pieces from a closer angle:

The prices for his pieces are set according to number of nails used. For example, in this piece with the lips 3,500 nails were used, therefore it costs £3,500 (~$5250).

This piece was created out of 15,100 nails....

In the piece of a mother and a child, Levin used 26,600 nails. This piece was priced at $39,750.

It is crucial to note, that the lighting is very important to the way sculptures are viewed.

I absolutely love his work. Its amazing how people come up with ideas like those. Its fresh and different.
Good Job Marcus Levin!

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